We know you love your Classic Car

That's why we help you get the right coverage for it.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

We know that when you own a classic or collector car, you want to make sure you're fully covered with the best insurance. You're passionate about your precious classic antique, vintage or collector car. She's your baby. Your pride and joy. The result of countless hours of care and attention. You want to make sure your vehicle is more than adequately protected - and that you're not paying too much for inadequate coverage.

For over 40 years, Armour Insurance Brokers has been proudly providing the best Classic & Antique Car insurance coverage at the cheapest rates in Ontario. See why so many drivers choose Armour Insurance Brokers as their classic car insurance broker.

  • Savings : Bundle and save. We can help you with all your insurance needs. Bundle your Classic or Antique Car insurance with your regular Car or Home insurance and save hundreds!

  • Selection : We give you lots of choice. As an insurance broker we can get quotes from multiple insurance companies getting you the best coverage at the lowest rates all over Ontario including major cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton. Get the best insurance coverage for your Classic Car.

  • Service : We value your business. Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority for Armour Insurance Brokers. We are car lovers and our team of insurance experts is there to help with all your insurance needs.

  • Made Easy : It's quick and simple. We make the process of buying insurance in Ontario easy. Request a quote online OR call (905) 452-5127 now and let our team of insurance experts help make sure your beauty covered properly so you can enjoy it!

If you do own one or more Ontario classic cars - and that includes vintage, antique, and collector cars - it pays to get your insurance through Armour Insurance Brokers. We'll make sure you have the essentials, the extras and the discounts available by having your car in a specialized insurance program. Plus, you'll be supported by classic car insurance specialists who know how to properly handle any claim you need to make. It's all part of the Armour Insurance Brokers difference.

How Does Classic Car Insurance Work?

Many classic car enthusiasts make the mistake of covering their collector car with standard auto insurance without realizing they're both getting inadequate coverage and paying too much for it.

When it comes to insuring your classic car, at Armour Insurance Brokers we deal only with those who specialize in classic car insurance. A company that insures vehicles treated as collectibles typically offers rates much lower than companies that provide insurance for regular daily-use vehicles.

A company specializing in classic and collector car insurance is able to customize a policy to your unique needs as an owner of a collector vehicle. This results in better coverage for you than what's offered by standard auto insurance policies. For example, unlike conventional coverage, in the event of a covered total loss, an agreed value policy such as one offered by a specialized classic car insurance company means you will receive the entire amount for which you have insured your car, less any deductible.

What's more, Armour Insurance Brokers's insurance experts are extremely knowledgeable about the collector car market and know the vital importance of determining the proper value for your classic or collector vehicle. They know how to quickly and efficiently take care of claims on damages to collector cars, even offering dedicated on-staff parts specialists able to track down the precise replacement parts required.

Discover why Ontario classic, antique and collector car owners are turning to Armour Insurance Brokers for their insurance needs. Click now to request your insurance quote OR call (905) 452-5127 to talk to an insurance specialist.

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