Auto Insurance in Ontario - Latest Updates


Ontario auto insurance is the most expensive program in the country and the most complex so it seems to be always in the spotlight, whether with consumers, lobbyists, politicians and especially our own family members when sitting down having dinner.
It is mandatory to have liability insurance on your vehicle at all times, so it is often referred to as a grudge purchase and we completely understand why that would be the case

The majority of premiums, or 74% collected go towards paying for injuries and damage to the vehicle; As health care costs continue to rise as well as the cost to repair newer vehicles, we expect this figure to continue to climb going forward

  • Approx. 34% is paid towards accident benefits ( when the insured claims expenses against their insurer for accident related expenses )
  • Approx 22% is paid towards injuries sustained to injured third parties
  • Approx 18% is paid for the repairing/replacement of the damaged vehicle

  • Risk characteristics that impact rating are:
  • Type of vehicle being insured;
  • Address where the vehicle resides;
  • Driving experience;
  • Driving history – at-fault accidents and conviction history;
  • Use of the vehicle and kms driven annually;
  • Coverages purchased and deductible selected

  • Stay tuned for further updates on the automobile landscape, including autonomous vehicles and ride sharing and how this could change the landscape over the next 5 years!

    We know that auto insurance premiums are one of your largest household expenses, which is why we continually shop our clients’ premiums to ensure that they are not over paying for their auto insurance. Call us for a free comparison of insurance quotes: 905-452-5127