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There’s a lot to consider when buying a new vehicle: reliability, fuel efficiency, your budget, and auto insurance rates to name just a few. For many drivers, however, the safety rating is paramount in the car buying decision. In the face of a collision, some vehicles are simply safer than others, and every year, the U.S.-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recognizes the vehicles that perform best in a bad situation.  Read More...
Posted: 13/12/2017

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Posted: 29/11/2017

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Let’s fight insurance fraud together 
Did you know insurance fraud affects the premium you pay for car insurance? It’s true, the annual impact of this type of fraud in Ontario ranges from $768 million to $1.56 billion, which translates to between $116 and $236 per average premium paid in Ontario.* 
Posted: 15/10/2017

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Aviva Canada is marking the beginning of Cyber Security Awareness Month (October) with the announcement that it is introducing enhancements to its identity theft coverage at no additional cost to existing customers Read More...
Posted: 04/10/2017

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Trucking Insurance, there are a host of things that you need to know in order to properly protect your business and personal assets.  You will need an insurance broker with a high level of expertise to guide you. Read More...
Posted: 14/04/2014

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You’ve started a small trucking business and are making a good living.  Over time, opportunities have presented themselves and you have grown your business and added trucks and brought in drivers to work for you.  The dream of owning your own business is now a reality.  Read More...
Posted: 19/02/2014

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The marketplace is actively looking for qualified truck drivers to meet the needs of the Canadian trucking industry.  An AZ license is a ticket to a life-long career. Click here to Read More. -          This article was published in the January 2014 issue of Road Today magazine. Read More...
Posted: 27/01/2014

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Steps to secure the protection of cargo Unattended trailers are high targets for high crime payoffs. Even with the reminders to personnel to take steps to ensure the protection of cargo is done, these reminders go unattended; usually because personnel have busy schedules and these daily steps for cargo protection get easily overlooked. Read More...
Posted: 14/01/2014

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